The most successful business people keep an eagle eye focus on a top priority or passion.

As I’ve been thinking about what my most successful clients have in common, I continually see the value of eagle eye focus. Tonight I attended the Spirit of the Entrepreneur, which is the premier awards ceremony for businesses in the Inland Empire, and so I heard quite a few of the stories behind the nominees. Eagle eye focus emerged as a common theme.

The key to having eagle eye focus is to pick a priority, passion or goal and stick to it. It can be as simple as that. Several of the clients that call me in to address problem areas have trouble staying focused whereas the most successful ones have a clear set of priorities and follow them. A few tips to remain focused:

  • Be clear when you start whether the item is a priority.
  • Remain vigilant in the importance – don’t let the day-to-day deter progress.
  • Communicate widely and frequently about the importance.
  • Ask your peers (if you have them), employees and colleagues to “keep you accountable”.
  • Write it down.
  • Start your day by reviewing your calendar – are the items on your calendar aligned with your focus area?
  • End your day by reviewing what you accomplished – was it aligned with your focus area?