Tours & the Value of Observation

March 26, 2018 In this past week, I have attended a fascinating tour and presentation of Bay Cities, the premier designers and manufacturers of packaging and displays, and went on a tour of Gordon Biersch, the brewing company (see pictures below). One of the best ways to keep [...]


Make a conscious effort everyday to stop what you’re doing and look around your workplace and beyond. By becoming observant you’ll soon spot people and areas that need your attention.It is worth it to take a step back on a daily basis, if not more frequently, to observe. There [...]

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Observe to Rule the Roost

Sometimes the productive road to performance improvement is to just observe and ask questions. From observation, ideas emerge, issues pop out and you can take directed action to make positive change. It is interesting how effective the powers of observation can be! Take a step back and observe what [...]

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