Lost Revenue Due to Lack of Resources: How to Attract People to Your Company

According to Interos, almost 90% of companies experienced a negative impact to revenue due to supply chain disruption. That is a BIG number! From our point-of-view, every client is complaining about the lack of critical resources required to support the business and has experienced negative impacts to revenue (even if only in terms of a delay to revenue recognition).

Vision Backed with BIG Goals & Leadership

SAP CEO Bill McDermott talked much more than just about data. One of his most compelling stories related to turning around Xerox's lowest performing division and ending the year as #1. Who says success isn't derived from leadership has his/her head buried in the sand. The keys Bill described [...]

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The Power of Communication

Make improving communications the cornerstone of your goals and you will have more engaged participants willing to help you achieve the rest of your goals. If there is one thing that ALL of my clients have in common, it is that communication always needs improvement. It almost seems like [...]

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Keeping an Eye Out for Opportunities

All supply chain events, trends, and issues – good or bad – can lead to new opportunities if you’re vigilant. One of the most successful strategies for success for executives follows the Occam’s Razor concept of simplicity – keep an eye out for opportunities. It is amazing how often [...]

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How to Defy the Odds with Culture Change

Execution must be a core component of your organization’s culture Between 70-80%+ of culture change programs, such as mergers and acquisitions, fail to produce the results originally expected. Yet, there are still many private equity firms and companies aggressively searching to merge and/or acquire a business – and certainly [...]

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