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Forget Data Cleanup and Find a Measure to Start NOW!

Are you mired in data cleanup and not focused on measures that can immediately help you? Stop searching for the “right” data lever and look for measures to track and improve processes.

Technologies Transforming Supply Chains

Modern marvels and new information technologies are transforming supply chains.

Serving up an ACE in ERP Selection & Design

ACE(SM) is a tested proprietary process that helps companies align critical success factors with business processes and supplier partnerships to achieve endgame results through improved ERP selection and design. Our most successful clients are constantly thinking about where they are headed.  They think about why they are going there [...]

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Plan the Work; Work the Plan

Oftentimes we spend countless hours planning a project with details, responsibilities and timelines, only to forget to work the plan. Once a plan is done, refocus your energy to execution.

4 Critical Success Factors Key to ERP Success

I've always focused part of my business on ERP selection projects as these leverage the unique combination of my strengths — understanding the cross-functional and cross-organizational view in combination with the strategic priorities to identify the critical success factors. We then align these factors with the optimal business process [...]

The Manufacturing Connector – Systems Pragmatist

To achieve significant progress on new organizational processes or systems tackle the fundamental to do list first: understand your current processes to figure out where the opportunities for improvement and systems leverage lie.

The IT – Business Partnership

Successful companies forge partnerships with their IT departments to create an ERP system that provides data to make good decisions and provide their customers with an exceptional experience. Is IT viewed as a partner to the business? Or a necessary evil? Or something in-between? Successful companies go down the [...]

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How to Defy the Odds with Culture Change

Execution must be a core component of your organization’s culture Between 70-80%+ of culture change programs, such as mergers and acquisitions, fail to produce the results originally expected. Yet, there are still many private equity firms and companies aggressively searching to merge and/or acquire a business – and certainly [...]

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