Lost Revenue Due to Lack of Resources: How to Attract People to Your Company

According to Interos, almost 90% of companies experienced a negative impact to revenue due to supply chain disruption. That is a BIG number! From our point-of-view, every client is complaining about the lack of critical resources required to support the business and has experienced negative impacts to revenue (even if only in terms of a delay to revenue recognition).

Keeping Your Project Team Motivated & Engaged

Motivating and engaging a project team is almost exactly the same as motivating and engaging employees. People want to be treated well, informed and appreciated

Vision Backed with BIG Goals & Leadership

SAP CEO Bill McDermott talked much more than just about data. One of his most compelling stories related to turning around Xerox's lowest performing division and ending the year as #1. Who says success isn't derived from leadership has his/her head buried in the sand. The keys Bill described [...]

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How to Keep Your Team’s Morale Up During Change

Team morale can take a hit during times of intense change. Motivate your team with a relatable, easy-to-understand vision and keep them informed every step of the way. Published in "Liquid Planners" website, July 20, 2015 Click here for original article. Change is the only constant! Dramatic growth is [...]

Project Leadership Remains #1 Key to Success

Whether a project is successful or not will depend on many variables but none plays a larger role than leadership. Published in "Project Times" website, July 28, 2015 Click here for original article. In thinking about the hundreds of client projects I’ve completed over the last ten years, if [...]

People Strategies to Kick Off the New Year

A motivated team can overcome some of the biggest business challenges a company can face. People are your #1 asset. It makes imminent sense to kick off the New Year with this tenet in mind. How can you start with gusto? Frequently, employees take off time near the end [...]

Empower Your People to GROW

When you empower your people with the right tools and decision-making, they take share in the ownership and business success. Businesses must capture opportunities rapidly to outpace their competition.  Thus, it is even more important to be the best at identifying, prioritizing, and implementing opportunities which will deliver bottom [...]

Do Your Executives Have Vision?

Develop your business vision with an eagle eye to see further out into the future creating clarity and purpose for your company. In thinking about an eagle's eye (in concert with my Eagle Eye service line), it comes to mind that vision is a key contributor to success. An [...]

The 3 C’s to Leadership Success

Leadership is always a priority as results follow effective leaders and project managers. In today's marketplace, service expectations have radically increased due to the effect of customers like Amazon. Customers are demanding more for less on a quicker turnaround than ever before.
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The 4 Leadership Essentials Required for Long Term Success

Excellent leadership is required to outshine the competition. No matter the client, I’m continually reminded of the critical importance of leadership. If you have to choose between leadership skills and prior work experience / technical skills, undoubtedly, leadership skills must win the day. My clients with exceptional leaders outperform [...]

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