Develop your business vision with an eagle eye to see further out into the future creating clarity and purpose for your company.

In thinking about an eagle’s eye (in concert with my Eagle Eye service line), it comes to mind that vision is a key contributor to success. An eagle can see 4-5 times further away than a human, colors are more vibrant etc. They also have an amazing ability to zero in on their prey. In order for an eagle to spot it’s prey, it needs to have vision. If you think of these qualities in executives, having a vision contributes significantly to success.

Vision is about creating clarity and purpose around why your company does what it does and being able to see further out into the future. Once you understand your vision, it should drive your focus and contribute to all of your decisions. In essence, executives can zero in on the vision to make sure you are going in the “right” direction to accomplish goals and achieve success.

When executives have vision, employees follow. Employees pick up on the understanding and importance of the vision and contribute to its success. You should be able to ask anyone in the company whether vision exists, and the answer will be obvious. Vision provides a great guideline to follow – does activity xyz fit with the vision? If so, move forward. If not, question whether it is the right next step. It can be as simple as that.