Supply Chain Consulting

We See the End-to-End Supply Chain as Strategic and Vital

Global Supply Chain

We are experts in driving end-to-end supply chain performance. Whether we look at this as from cradle to grave, from creation to customer, from inception to reception, from concept to cash or from significance to service, the key is how to simplify the complexity of the supply chain to drive performance. We have a passion for elevating the customer experience and creating bold customer promises and profits simultaneously.

Staying Current on the Latest Advancements and Trends with Strategic Alliances

LMA Consulting Group holds leadership, board positions and presents with these organizations.

Deploying the Latest Strategies and Technologies Increasing Competitiveness

Clients benefit from emerging consulting services focused on:

  • Supply chain strategy (network analysis)
  • SIOP (Aligning demand & supply)
  • Customer experience
  • VMI/ replenishment/ distribution planning
  • Collaborative customer & supplier programs
  • Inventory optimization
  • Digitization of the supply chain


Coca-Cola Company
Corona Season after Season
Sydor Optics
Paragon Distribution Services
Quiet Cool
Green Dot
Nestle Nutrition

Client Results

LMA Consulting helps clients benefit from manufacturing Strategy, operational performance improvement & systems transformation.

K Means, CFO, Coast Plating I Controller, Transtar Metals

Jim Cenname, President, US Aluminum

Evan Cohen, President & CEO, Quality Marble & Granite

Kusum Kavia, President, Combustion Associates



Designing, implementing, and upgrading Sales and Operations Planning processes to support customer growth, scalability, and operating cash flow.


From profitable growth to operational performance, clients gain system-wide improvement resulting in increased business value & customer success.


Architecting technology roadmaps & selecting best fit ERP & related software (CRM, Forecasting, WMS, B2B/B2C etc.), clients improve ROI.