Strategies for Gaining Packaging Efficiencies in Your Supply Chain

Since packaging is typically 10-40% of the retail price of products, there is no doubt it adds up to a relevant factor in product cost and waste.

Supply Chain Collaboration & VMI to Get Ahead of Economic Challenges

Manufacturers are experiencing continued inflationary pressures threatening customer service and profit margins with record-breaking price increases and lack of material availability.  To add fuel to the fire, they are also starting to worry about preparing for a potential recession.

What Key Business Leaders Think Is Next

What do key business leaders think is next? That was the subject of one of the sessions at the premier conference for consultants. If you are a consultant and want to thrive (instead of having fits and starts as is the norm), this organization is a must! We gathered [...]

The Value of Reconnecting: Should We Jump All In With In-Person?

During the pandemic, we were all stuck in our houses. As the majority of people have been vaccinated, people are on vacation. Every client has at least one if not multiple people on vacation. In addition, in-person events are starting to ramp back up. There is a value in [...]

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SAC: Strategic Supply chain Comes of Age Post-Pandemic

CLAREMONT, CA—The COVID-19 pandemic has proven the critical nature of the strategic supply chain, according to expert supply chain thought leaders within the Society for the Advancement of Consulting® (SAC). Companies realize they can no longer ignore this crucial business function, which belongs firmly in the C-Suite. This includes [...]

Why Does the Strategic Supply Chain Matter?

Why does the strategic supply chain matter? This is the topic of a recent collaboration with a global group of top supply chain consultants. We wrote an eBook available for free download (and is available for purchase on Amazon), "Thriving in the New Business Environment: Why The Strategic Supply [...]

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Zoom Fatigue and How to Stay Engaged

Lots of people are complaining of Zoom fatigue. Do you have Zoom fatigue? It can be a challenge to be in front of a screen and camera for 8-10 hours a day. After all, there are some days I don't have time to eat, get a drink or use [...]

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Quoted in Courthouse News Service About the Success of a Supermarket During Coronavirus

I talked with the Courthouse News Service about the supply chain impacts retailers are experiencing with the coronavirus pandemic, and was quoted in their article “Texas Grocery Store Chain Does a Bang-Up Job Against Coronavirus”. It is an uplifting story about a supermarket that is navigating this crisis successfully, [...]

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Collaboration is NO LONGER a Fluffy Topic

I facilitated an executive panel discussion on “Collaboration for Advanced Manufacturing & Supply Chain Success” with diverse viewpoints from transportation (Ontario airport), manufacturing (AMETEK Ameron), technology for manufacturing and logistics from the global leader in GIS (ESRI), and innovation, incubator and accelerator gurus.  It was a fascinating discussion on [...]

Manufacturing Expert, Lisa Anderson, Advises Future-Proofing the Supply Chain

Unlock growth in manufacturing supply chain with future-proofing strategies. Ensure alignment, visibility, and collaboration for success.
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