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Proactive Planning to Grow & Scale

According to FactSet Insight, revenue growth is predicted at 7.5% for 2022 which is substantial when considering it is following record-breaking growth in 2021. Clients and colleagues are seeing record increases in sales revenues and pricing.

Southwest, JetBlue and How People are the Brand

May 29, 2018 I heard Ann Rhoades, former VP of People for Southwest and JetBlue speak at an Executive Forums meeting. When JetBlue surveyed their customers to find out what influences loyalty, the results were a bit surprising in that products/ services, operational performance (on-time arrival) and pricing weren't [...]

Often Overlooked Options to Drive Revenue Growth

In today's new normal business environment, characterized by sluggish growth, tight liquidity, elevated customer expectations and a general theme of "more for less", there's no doubt revenue has to be a top priority. Add demographic trends, and revenue becomes a critical priority. As baby boomers begin retiring, spending will [...]

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