Paying Attention to Reshoring & USMCA?

July 6, 2020 As supply chain has gained in prominence in the media with the increase in tariffs and the many challenges associated with coronavirus, reshoring has become of keen interest. Surveys are showing it is more than just a passing interest with executives. Instead, it is in [...]

U.S., China Sign Historic Phase One Trade Deal

According to the National Association of Manufacturers press release, the U.S and China trade deal is an unprecedented phase one win for manufacturers.  Previously the NAM CEO lamented that "China has proven one of the most troubling markets in the world for manufacturers, due to its lack of commitment [...]

Supply Chain Made in Vietnam?

Explore the considerations for strategic sourcing decisions between China and Vietnam for business success.

Is Vietnam the New China?

Discover the potential of Vietnam as a sourcing destination. Explore the benefits, challenges, and impacts of Vietnam for your manufacturing needs.

Manufacturing is On the Move

Reshoring was at record levels in 2018! Manufacturers are starting to return as they see the total costs of offshoring combined with the rising costs in China and improved competitiveness of the U.S.

Supply Chain: Keeping an Eye on Global Markets

If there ever was a strategic topic of critical importance no matter your position in the supply chain, it is keeping an eye on global markets.  Are you making this a priority?

Tariff News & Impacts….Whirlpool Adds People; LG Raises Price

Have you checked in with your supply chain lately?  Will they be geared up to support you or have you ignored them and don't know what might happen as production ramps up in the U.S.? 

Trump and Trade

Trump's trade policies impact the global supply chain - explore strategies for adaptation in this article by Lisa Anderson
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