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Will Technology Gain Critical Mass in 2020?

Recent predictions say we are headed into the year where technology gains critical mass!  That is truly exciting for manufacturers as people and robots work in collaboration to achieve profitable growth and success.

Celebrating Manufacturing Day and Its Impact

October 3, 2019 In our Manufacturing month Profit through People newsletter article, we discussed the relevance of manufacturing on the economy, jobs and quality of life. For example, for every $1 spent in manufacturing, $1.82 is added to the economy which is the HIGHEST multiplier effect of any economic [...]

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Which State Has the Most Manufacturing? The Answer Might Surprise You…

Which state is #1 in terms of having the most manufacturing headquarters?

Manufacturing is On the Move

Reshoring was at record levels in 2018! Manufacturers are starting to return as they see the total costs of offshoring combined with the rising costs in China and improved competitiveness of the U.S.

Industry Week’s Salary Survey Finds Good Morale Yet Not Higher Wages

According to Industry Week's salary survey, almost 70% of respondents are "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with their current job yet salaries took a 6% dip since last year.   I wonder if the baby boomer retirement ramp up is impacting these numbers as the survey finds that the people with [...]

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According to the Industry Week U.S. 500, Manufacturing is STRONG!

August 30, 2018 According to the Industry Week U.S. 500 (America's largest manufacturers), manufacturing is STRONG!  In fact, the author uses the words VERY STRONG - most likely the largest opportunity for manufacturing since the end of World War II.   Now that is saying something.... The economy is strong [...]

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The Highest Number of Factory Jobs Since 2008!

April 11, 2018 According to Industry Week, we have the highest number of factory jobs since 2008!  We have reached over 12.6 million people employed by the sector.  This is all the more impressive when we consider the significant rate of automation and deployment of technological advances occurring the [...]

Manufacturing is HOT

February 6, 2018 In the last week, not only have there been several articles about the positive strides manufacturing is making but it also has come up in several presentations we've attended such as the economic forecast.  Here is a compilation of just a few of the HOT topics [...]

Manufacturing is at a Peak!

December 27, 2017 According to an Industry Week article, manufacturing is at its all-time PEAK!  Not only is it FAR from dead but it is at the highest point in history.  By every measure of industrial production, the U.S. is at record levels.  We are more than twice as [...]

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Is Apple Moving Design In-House?

According to an Industry Week article, Apple is considering designing chips in-house. The Japanese Nikkei said that Apple could replace as much as 50% of the power management chips that go into iPhones with its own design. That could be a dramatic change! Apple has developed its own processors [...]

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