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The Future of Manufacturing Is Bright: Harvey Mudd Takes 1st Place in Global Student Case

Mentorship and practical experience can shape the future leaders of the manufacturing industry
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Students Win Global Case Competition

For three years, Kash Gokli, professor of manufacturing practice and Engineering Clinic director, has advised a team of students competing in the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) student case competition.
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Amazon’s Deal with Party City & More Competitors

August 10, 2018 As I presented on the Amazon Effect to a specialty group of ProVisors (trusted advisors) members focused on manufacturing and distribution, Amazon was firming up a deal with Party City to offer an assortment of items. This is just the latest in a stream of [...]

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Conflict & Collaboration in the Supply Chain

Have you thought about the role of conflict and collaboration in the supply chain?  When thinking of supply chain from creation to customer, there are many links and connections.  In the current supply chain model, there are connections between and among suppliers, transportation partners, manufacturers, outside processors, distributors, customers, [...]

What Harvey Mudd, 3D Printers, Rockets & Attorneys Have in Common

Last week, I attended a ProVisors event (top notch group of trusted advisors including attorneys, CPAs etc.) at Harvey Mudd.  We were focused on manufacturing and innovation, and we were lucky to tour the day after Harvey Mudd's clinic projects day where the students discuss the successes of working with companies like GKN, Bobcat, Amazon, Google and more.

Harvey Mudd Students Lauded for Manufacturing Innovation

Published in Harvey Mudd College on March 5, 2018 Lisa Anderson presents the Manufacturer’s Council of the Inland Empire Innovation Award to Harvey Mudd College Students for their work with Purosil. The award was presented in February at the MCIE’s 2018 Manufacturers’ Summit. Click here to read more.

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Harvey Mudd Student Projects & Innovations Related to Cancer

February 12, 2018 Earlier this week, I attended some clinic presentations at Harvey Mudd (student projects with companies / partners), and the value of innovation hit home!  For example, there are students working on innovations to improve on the success rate of breast cancer surgeries - talk about relevant!  [...]

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Manufacturing is HOT

February 6, 2018 In the last week, not only have there been several articles about the positive strides manufacturing is making but it also has come up in several presentations we've attended such as the economic forecast.  Here is a compilation of just a few of the HOT topics [...]

Lisa Anderson and LMA Consulting Group Recognizes Kash Gokli as 2016 Annual LMA Advocate

Originally published on Expertclick on July 25, 2016 LMA Consulting Group and Lisa Anderson take note the of many key accomplishments that have helped to make them standouts in supply chain, manufacturing and distribution, but none as important as the annual LMA Advocate Award acknowledging individual contributions to the [...]

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