Emerging with Supply Chain Strength – What is Going on in the World with John Tulac

What is Going on in the World with John Tulac

ASCM: Emerging with Supply Chain Strength – Challenges of Integrating Technology Across the Supply Chain: Pac Rim/North America Perspectives

Challenges of Integrating Technology Across Supply Chain - Pac Rim/ North America Perspectives

ASCM: Emerging with Supply Chain Strength – The Ports & the State of Logistics with Jon DeCesare

The Ports & The State of Logistics

ASCM Emerging with Supply Chain Strength: Talent in the Supply Chain

Listen as Lisa Anderson, Diane Garcia, David Ogilvie, Evan Bulmer, and Dr. Karen Wilson-Starks discuss the issues with recruiting and retaining talent in the supply chain.

ASCM: Unlocking The Power of Blockchain Technology

Watch and listen as Jane Tierney – Founder of Purple Link talks about innovative ways to reduce costs and risks in block chain technology.

ASCM: Creating Customer Advocates During Supply Chain Disruption Pac Rim/N.A. Perspectives

Significant supply chain disruption is impacting the client revenue and impacting their ability to service customers said Lisa Anderson, president of ASCM Inland Empire Chapter and LMA Consulting Group.

ASCM Emerging with Supply Chain Strength: Reshoring & the Resurgence of Manufacturing – Michele Nash-Hoff

Lisa Anderson interviews Michele Nash-Hoff. Listen as they talk about reshoring and the resurgence of manufacturing.

Cal Poly Pomona – TOM/EBZ News: Women In Supply Chain

Lisa Anderson featured in the EBZ Newsletter highlighting Women’s History Month. Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expert Lisa Anderson, president of LMA Consulting Group Inc. is an active Board of Directors member of the APICS Inland Empire chapter. She has held several different roles in operations and supply chain. Full [...]

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Learning About Supply Chain & Upcoming Virtual Classes from APICS Inland Empire

Changes in supply chain are happening faster than imaginable! Are you keeping up with these changes? In addition to keeping up with what's noteworthy in supply chain, the most successful executives are taking a step back to make sure their employees have a solid foundation in supply chain [...]
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What is APICS Inland Empire?

APICS- Inland Empire Offers Certifications, Community and Resources to Supply Chain Professionals for Supply Chain Resilience, Business Growth and Bottom Line Results - Lisa Anderson, President, APCIS Inland Empire Chapter and President, LMA Consulting.  

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