ASCM: Unlocking The Power of Blockchain Technology

Watch and listen as Jane Tierney – Founder of Purple Link talks about innovative ways to reduce costs and risks in block chain technology.

Does Technology Have a Seat at the Table?

Do you consider your technology leader an integral member of your executive team? If not, why not? Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, technology was starting to take over the world.

The Digital Transformation

I’ll be talking more and more about the digital transformation as it will impact every client in a substantial way. Recently I met with a significant, regional CPA firm’s manufacturing and technology experts.

Drones are More Than a Pipe Dream

Explore the potential impact of drone technology on industries, businesses, and employees. Stay ahead in the technology game to thrive.

Blockchain, IoT, AI, Big Data. Will Anything Stick?

Should I really invest time and resources into technologies I don't know will pay back? For example, there is a lot of conversation about the value (or lack thereof) with blockchain, IoT, AI and more. This concern continues to arise and is on every executive's mind.
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The Resilient Supply Chain: Should We Invest in Technology?

In today's Amazon-impacted, Uberian environment, technology opportunities abound!  Beyond ERP and related subsystems, there is IoT, blockchain, robotics, autonomous vehicles, predictive analytics and much more.  Should we invest or not?  Clearly, if we invest in every one of these opportunities, we could "go broke".  How do we decide?  And [...]

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AI, Robots, IoT, Blockchain, Hike!

AI (artificial intelligence), robots, IoT (internet of things), blockchain, hike! Doesn't it sound like a foreign language?  It certainly does to my mother!  Yet it is the language of the future.  Which of these technologies should we pay attention to?  Let's look at some of the more popular ones: AI- Depending [...]

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Blockchain, IoT, data and robots “game changers” for supply chain industry in 2018

Published in Supply Chain Digital on Jan. 24, 2018 "Based on discussions with clients and supply chain professionals, 2018's demand will far outpace the recent past and remind us of Y2K. More reason for businesses to look at their supply chain holistically," said Supply Chain Expert and Consultant, Lisa [...]

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Top Technologies

We have never been believers in technology for technology's sake - or, worse yet, FADS; however, there are some top technologies to keep an eye on in 2018 if you plan to create business value.  Not only are my most successful and progressive clients thinking about these technologies but [...]

Logistics Innovation – Where is it Going?

The global logistics industry will grow from its current hefty size of $8 trillion to $23 trillion by 2023 - what a sharp contrast!  Have you thought about how to be viable with these massive shifts going on?  If not, you sure should as it is coming and will [...]

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