We have never been believers in technology for technology’s sake – or, worse yet, FADS; however, there are some top technologies to keep an eye on in 2018 if you plan to create business value.  Not only are my most successful and progressive clients thinking about these technologies but they are investing to leapfrog the competition.

  1. Artificial intelligence – who can argue with the potential power of this technology?  It is saying something when my Mom said her Amazon Alexa was the best gift she ever received (even though she only uses the alarm functionality).  Imagine how AI might transform entire industries (such as accounting) and functions (machinery and equipment maintenance).
  2. Blockchain – although still in early stages, blockchain has the potential to transform high stakes transactions using a shared, secured, synchronized and immutable ledger.   
  3. IoT (the Internet of Things) – in today’s interconnected world, you cannot get away from connected devices.  We take them for granted.  The ultimate (which seems to be viable by 2020) is self-driving trucks.  Imagine the connections required to turn this concept into a reality yet testing is already underway – and quite successful.  
  4. Predictive analytics – there is immense power in not only sifting through mounds of data rapidly and efficiently to pick out the trends and highlights with business intelligence (BI) but taking that a step forward with predictive analytics is a game-changer.  Are you thinking about how to integrate predictive analytics into your decision-making processes?
  5. ERP and CRM – although tried and true, these “must have” technologies are no longer advantages; if you are interested in profitable, scalable growth, you’ll put these two topics on your strategic priority list.  Customers expect you to be ahead of them – are you?