Learning About Supply Chain & Upcoming Virtual Classes from APICS Inland Empire

Changes in supply chain are happening faster than imaginable! Are you keeping up with these changes? In addition to keeping up with what's noteworthy in supply chain, the most successful executives are taking a step back to make sure their employees have a solid foundation in supply chain [...]
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Students Win Global Case Competition

For three years, Kash Gokli, professor of manufacturing practice and Engineering Clinic director, has advised a team of students competing in the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) student case competition.
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Top Business Leaders: Lisa Anderson, Author of I’ve Been Thinking

Elevate your business with expert supply chain strategy tips for sustained growth and profitability. Listen to the interview.

Considering a Career in Supply Chain Consulting? 4 Experts Share Their Wisdom

Explore a career in supply chain consulting with our guide. Get expert advice and learn about the industry's broad areas.
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The Importance of Continual Learning

Recently, we updated our website, and that prompted a lot of thinking about many aspects of business.  One is the importance of continual learning.  As you'll see on our Continual Learning webpage, it is a priority.  With that said, I've noticed that the most successful people (clients, colleagues, fellow [...]

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Best Practices and the Bellagio Fountain

If you are an employee, take the proactive approach and seek out your manager to discuss where the company is headed.  Find out how you can add more value. 

The Power of Students

October 7, 2016 Last week, while attending APICS 2016 in Washington DC, I was able to spend time with the West Coast student case competition's winning team, San Diego State University.  I am the Chair of the West Coast student case competition, and I was proud to see our [...]

Resurrecting a Struggling System Implementation

Take the necessary steps and dedicate resources to review processes and think more broadly about specific steps and functions before the purchase of a new ERP system. We received a call this week from another frustrated CEO who is struggling with a system implementation. What we hear frequently from [...]

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