Kash Gokli (head of Harvey Mudd’s manufacturing and clinic programs) and I led our 12th Harvey Mudd executive roundtable last week on the topic of best practices.  One of the executives from WET (from designer to maker of the Bellagio fountain and many others like it) kicked off the evening by discussing best practices at WET.  Aside from a VERY impressive video that showed their design and water experiences), she talked about the critical importance of human capital.  They have an impressive on-boarding and ongoing emphasis on collaboration, education and investing in talent.  Clearly, with this creative and unique best practice, spectacular water experiences follow……

One tip to implement this week: 

Undoubtedly, our long-term readers know I wholeheartedly support investing in top talent.  Whether we are working with an large complex aerospace manufacturer or a rapidly growing food and beverage company or a private equity backed medium-sized building products value-add distributor, our most successful clients have an unrelenting focus on talent.  They start by retaining top talent and expand by developing, training, educating and always being on the lookout for top talent.  

If you are an executive, put aside an hour this week to meet with your executive team to discuss your talent.  Although an hour sounds short, it also probably sounds quite impossible to fit into your schedule yet it is likely to be the most valuable hour spent this week.  Start with your talent and the rest will follow.  Throw a bit of WET’s creativity into the conversation and see where it takes you.

If you are an employee, take the proactive approach and seek out your manager to discuss where the company is headed.  Find out how you can add more value.  Think about how you can grow – with or without money invested.  There are many approaches that will not cost a dime.  Think about finding a mentor and offering value to a potential mentor.


January 29, 2018