July 9, 2018

If you want to learn, teach.  Recently I taught a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) class for my APICS Inland Empire Chapter, and it reminded me of this fact.  In order to teach anything (whether in a classroom or one-on-one), you need to brush up on the subject matter and think about examples, case studies or metaphors you can use to explain the concepts.  Thus, as my consulting mentor always says, he learns more than the students when he teaches.  Which topics should you become proficient in to enable success?  What have you taught lately?

One tip to implement this week: 
Whether you are the owner/ corporate executive or a team member with no power, you can teach.  Start by picking a topic.  Let’s identify two subjects upfront for you to choose from:  1) A topic you are expert and comfortable in.  2)  A topic you need to become more proficient in to excel in your career or so that your company will be successful.  

Next, begin by developing a short session about your topic.  Identify your audience, and then put yourself in their shoes.  If you were sitting in your session, what would you want to know?  What would be the most benefit to you?  The key is to think from the student’s point-of-view. How can you make sure it is clear?  Perhaps examples, case studies or metaphors will add value.  

For example, in our CSCP class, we use four instructors because it provides a higher value experience for our students.  One of our instructors provides insightful examples from stories in the news.  Another provides a theoretical education and gives excellent helpful hints to remember formulas .  Lastly, the third and fourth provide practical examples from everyday work experiences/ case studies from different points-of-view.  Each provides a unique value, and the sum is better than the parts.  Give it a try.  You might surprise yourself with how good you’ll be and how much you’ll learn!