Not only is sustainability gaining traction as an emerging trend but it can also add dollars to your bottom line.

  1. Reduce waste – look for all types of waste; not just the standard trash cans of manufacturing waste. Think about the lean definition of waste.
  2. Packaging – certainly there are countless opportunities in packaging. How can you optimize packaging while minimizing materials? Can you optimize for more efficient pallets? Truckloads?
  3. Heating, cooling & lighting – there are often times hidden opportunities in these areas. Are you using the latest lighting technology? Have you reviewed your energy usage? Opportunities often times pop out.
  4. Supply chain network – have you thought through the optimal supply chain network? Consider not just cost and lead time but also distribution patterns, the complete footprint etc.
  5. Collaborative partnering – have you thought about how to partner with your customers and suppliers to not only increase sustainability but to also improve the overall supply chain performance? You might be missing a goldmine!