In this episode of Interlinks, I’m joined again by my colleagues from the supply chain special interest group of the Society for the Advancement of Consulting (SAC) to discuss some of the big issues facing businesses in 2023, namely sustainability, talent, and automation.

These are three topics that when you think it through are actually very much interrelated and which figured prominently in the recently published PwC 26th Annual Global CEO Survey as hot topics for 2023.

Given that almost 40% of the CEOs surveyed globally believe that if their businesses continue on the path they are on now, then they will become economically inviable within 10 years, these are strategic issues that really require some deep consideration very soon indeed.

To discuss these issues on Interlinks I am joined by:

  • David Ogilvie, founder and principal at David Ogilvie Associates in Brisbane, Australia.
  • Diane Garcia, founder and president of Lorraine Consulting in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Lisa Anderson, president of LMA Consulting Group in Los Angeles, California

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Originally posted on Patrick Daly Interlinks Podcast on 3/3/2023