supply chain disruptions

CBS Tampa Interview

Since talking with CBS Tampa for a story on rising grocery prices, I thought it would be good to share with clients and colleagues as well. The bottom line is that grocery prices are definitely spiking due to supply chain disruptions due to coronavirus, not due to shortages of [...]

The Beatles Cirque du Soleil and Supply Chain

October 5, 2015 I am in Las Vegas for APICS 2015, and I went to see LOVE (the Beatles Cirque du Soleil) this evening. The show had amazing sets, color, songs, acrobats and much more. Much of the show had as much color as this Beatles-inspired picture below. My [...]

The Strongest Link in Your Supply Chain

Stay on top of the latest transportation trends to avoid weak links in your supply chain. Five Transportation Trends I’ve recently spoken at and participated in a few transportation industry events, and was reminded of the importance of transportation trends to the supply chain, so I thought a recap [...]

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