Supply Challenges Will Extend into 2022 & Beyond

According to Industry Week, Toyota has cut production by 40% due to supply challenges. In addition to the semiconductor chips, COVID is raging in Southeast Asia, causing further supply chain challenges. The bottom line is that there are widespread supply chain challenges!

Virtual Meeting Checklist for Success

How many Zoom meetings have you attended this week? Since COVID, we probably lead or attend 35-45 virtual meetings a week. Whew! It seems we better figure this out and develop strategies for success. What About a Virtual Conference? Now take that to the next level with a virtual [...]

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SAP: SAPPHIRE Converge Conference

Published in SAP Sapphire on June 20, 2020 Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expert, Lisa Anderson, MBA, CSCP, CLTD, president of LMA Consulting Group Inc., was a part of the Enterprise Resource Planning Channel. Click here to read more.

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Should I Upgrade Now or Later?

A Client Question Since we have a simple reorder point system largely in place and we plan to focus on an ERP upgrade in the coming year, should we continue to roll out MRP (material requirements planning) and DRP (distribution requirements planning) or should we just put our efforts [...]

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Let’s Manage Inventory for Our Customers

Amazon is propelling this age-old topic into a new realm. Since the CEO of the Ontario Airport Authority used the phrase “last mile” has become “last minute” on a panel I facilitated last year, I have shamelessly reapplied his brillant quote. If customers don’t even know what they want, [...]

The Value of Alignment: Sales, Operations & Finance

Alignment might sound like a fluffy concept but it delivers bottom line results. Our most successful clients have achieved the most substantial results from alignment. Although SIOP (Sales, Inventory, Operations Planning) gets a wrap as a technical topic, in our experience, it is the alignment portion of SIOP that delivers [...]

Wildly Successful Exit Plans

December 12, 2016 Since I lead a group of top notch trusted advisors, I hear quite a bit about exit plans gone awry.  Unfortunately, most business owners do not plan to exit the business far enough in advance.  Of course, you can still exit; however, you will not get [...]

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Lean or No Lean, a Demand Plan is a MUST

Demand planning delivers such useful information on client demand that even Lean devotees will find data on longer-term forecasts, seasonal products and trending patterns useful.Whether you are on the Lean journey or not, you need a demand plan! Prior to forming LMA Consulting Group, I was a VP of [...]

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Why Planning is at the Crux of Success

May 25, 2016 I just had a brainstorming session with one of my key clients about the integrated planning process - in essence, how demand and supply match up to ensure customer service (which is #1 for every client in today's environment), growth, and improved margins and cash flow. [...]

Involve Your Supply Chain for SIOP Success

For greater success with your SIOP process reach out to your extended supply chain for collaborative ordering, product development opportunities, and logistics improvements.The best SIOP (Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning) processes that deliver significant returns on investment involve the extended supply chain. Since SIOP is about how to align [...]

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