Effective Backlog Management to Rapidly Improve Service

Customer service has suffered in the last few years. Yet providing a superior customer experience is paramount to success especially during these turbulent times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA).

Zephyr Manufacturing: Proactive Planning to Grow and Scale

Lisa Anderson, manufacturing and supply chain expert and president of LMA Consulting Group states there are operational and supply chain priorities required to be ready to absorb additional sales". One of the most important components is to have planning and scheduling processes required to be ready to absorb capabilities.
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What’s Hot in Driving HUGE Results in Manufacturing & Distribution

You can’t take a magic pill to drive HUGE results in your manufacturing or distribution company, but rather look to the tried and true methods that drive business growth and productivity. As the year winds down, it seems like a great time to "take stock" - what is "hot"? [...]

Why Strategic Planning is an Oxymoron

Strategic planning has long been hailed the business cornerstone for projecting profit and growth. Oftentimes, the strategy, “what”, gets mixed up with the tactics, or the “how”, which leads to failure. Although almost everyone uses the term strategic planning, it doesn't make sense. Setting strategy is a clear; however, [...]

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Are You Planning for Failure?

Your business won’t thrive if you expect the worst. Instead, plan for the best outcome and watch it unfold. Are you planning for failure? I imagine no one thinks they plan for failure; however, I see it happen more than you'd think. Instead, plan for success, and success will [...]

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Are You Prepared for Success?

Are you prepared for success? We worry so much about failure that I find most clients are not prepared for success. You know what the lawyers say, “never go into a situation without knowing the answer and being prepared for anything that might come up”. It is proven that [...]

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