The Impact of Supply Chain Strategy

Stay on top of your supply chain strategy. Can supply chain strategy have a profound impact on your bottom line? Without a doubt! Recently, we worked with a client that wanted to review their operations strategy and look for ways to optimize and improve. To begin, we evaluated many [...]

Strategies to Keep Your project On-Track of Manufacturers and Distributors

The most successful projects are well-managed and kept on track. A strong plan and focus-oriented strategies will keep the team motivated and on task. Published in "Project Times" website, August 21, 2015 Click here for original article. As easy as it seems to keep a well-planned project on-track, it [...]

A Tribute to a Top Salesman

Certainly, Sales is at the heart of any organization. Without growth, a company will eventually decline and wither away. Thus, having top notch sales people is cornerstone to success. Of course I advocate thinking of all your employees like salespeople as they represent the company and can make a [...]

How to Create an Innovative Culture

Creating an innovative business environment means opening your company up for some disruptive changes – in a great way – but none the easier. Creating an innovative culture is cornerstone to success! In today’s new normal business environment, customers expect “stand above the crowd” service with high-value products and [...]

Uncommon Common Sense Project Management

Increasingly, project management is a matter of getting more accomplished in less time. The simplest way to succeed is by using smart and simple approaches. Published in "Project Times" website, October 14, 2014 Click here for original article. Why is everyone searching for the latest and greatest technology and [...]

Are You Planning for Failure?

Your business won’t thrive if you expect the worst. Instead, plan for the best outcome and watch it unfold. Are you planning for failure? I imagine no one thinks they plan for failure; however, I see it happen more than you'd think. Instead, plan for success, and success will [...]

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Data Driven Leader

Actionable data drives the most successful businesses. To cut through today’s information overload a data driven leader has to be incisive, creative, and decisive. One of the concepts that came out of APICS 2014 was the concept of a data driven leader. We are overloaded with data and messages [...]

Are You Prepared for Success?

Are you prepared for success? We worry so much about failure that I find most clients are not prepared for success. You know what the lawyers say, “never go into a situation without knowing the answer and being prepared for anything that might come up”. It is proven that [...]

Kick Off the New Year with Power

As the holidays come to a close work looms depressingly larger for some. Business leaders have to step in to hike motivation levels and bring goals back into focus so that 2015 starts on a strong productive note. Published in ProjectTimes, January 8, 2014 Often, the holiday aftermath can [...]

Watching Metrics Trends

Collecting lots of data isn’t enough to improve service levels. A successful manager tracks relevant metric trends and puts the information into action. One of the keys to success for any business is to watch metrics trends. In my experience, if a client watches key trends, they tend to [...]

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