A Regional Approach Helps Supply Chains Weather Trade Disruption

"As manufacturers realize what can be achieved with technology such as AI, IoT, robotics, and additive manufacturing, they are sourcing manufacturing closer to the customer to create a customer experience advantage (rapid customization and delivery) with a lower cost base," comments said Lisa Anderson, founder and president of LMA [...]

U.S., China Sign Historic Phase One Trade Deal

According to the National Association of Manufacturers press release, the U.S and China trade deal is an unprecedented phase one win for manufacturers.  Previously the NAM CEO lamented that "China has proven one of the most troubling markets in the world for manufacturers, due to its lack of commitment [...]

Is Vietnam the New China?

Discover the potential of Vietnam as a sourcing destination. Explore the benefits, challenges, and impacts of Vietnam for your manufacturing needs.

The New NAFTA & What It Means

Insights on the impact of the new NAFTA on supply chains and how it affects global trade and business strategies.

The Ladies of Logistics & Global Trends

September 10, 2018 Thanks to Elizabeth Warren for hosting the informal Southern CA group, the Ladies of Logistics (LOL) as we had a fabulous time and made amazing connections.  Where else can you go and see every key connection related to trucking, the ports, freight forwarders, logistics, global [...]

Trans-Pacific Trade Delays – Are You Prepared?

There is a LOT of conversation about trade wars, tariffs and politics yet what has created havoc this week is an act of mother nature. 

Supply Chain: Keeping an Eye on Global Markets

If there ever was a strategic topic of critical importance no matter your position in the supply chain, it is keeping an eye on global markets.  Are you making this a priority?

Are You Reshoring?

Where are you sourcing from currently?  Don't just jump on the new bandwagon of reshoring but you should give your total cost of ownership a second look as well as dig into your customers' expectations and sourcing impacts. 
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