International Business Academy Workshop

Riverside International Business Academy: Supply Chain Resiliency Lisa Anderson, Supply Chain Expert and President of LMA Consulting Group discusses the many layers of supply chain challenges and how to create supply chain resiliency.

A Ray of Hope with Export

As I participate with the California DEC (district export council) meeting as part of the Inland Empire DEC, I am reminded of the vast opportunity of export. This is especially true during the pandemic as manufacturers innovate to be able to support critical needs in the U.S. and throughout [...]

CIEDEC Q2 Meeting: Future-Proofing Manufacturing Post COVID-19

Lisa Anderson, president of LMA Consulting Group Inc. was asked to provide a keynote to CIEDEC (California Inland Empire District Export Council). California Inland Empire DEC Members each have special expertise in international trade and are dedicated to helping businesses in our region develop global sales. Lisa talked about [...]

Manufacturing Expert, Lisa Anderson, Considers Exports a Significant Opportunity for Manufacturers

CLAREMONT, Calif., Oct. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expert, Lisa Anderson, MBA, CSCP, CLTD, president of LMA Consulting Group Inc., sees exports as a significant opportunity for manufacturers to grow and future proof their business. "As manufacturers work on customizing products and meeting ever-changing delivery expectations, it's [...]

Exports a ‘significant opportunity’ for manufacturers

LMA Consulting Group Inc. president Lisa Anderson believes that manufacturers should look to exports in order to expand and future-proof their businesses. Anderson is a manufacturing and supply chain expert who founded LMA, which works with manufacturers on strategy and supply chain transformation.   "As manufacturers work on customizing products [...]

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Supply Chain Resiliency: Video Interview on Global Competitiveness

Our most successful clients build innovation into the daily routine, and it is no accident that they are the most resilient as conditions change.

Go Global, the Export Opportunity

We know of multiple manufacturers who have "made their name" and grew their business by focusing on export.  Even if you only want to supplement a robust U.S. marketplace, since we are living in a global, interconnected world, why not at least explore the opportunities in your industry? 

Imports & Exports: Which Companies Dominate? Related Impacts?

How significant is freight to your bottom line?  For example, when I was a VP of Operations for an absorbent healthcare products manufacturer (adult diapers, hospital underpads), freight was a BIG concern. 

APICS-IE Symposium & Key Take-Aways on GROWTH

Keep innovation and future disruptors top of mind. 
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