Companies Eye Innovation and Disruption in Volatile Economy

CLAREMONT, Calif., August 1, 2023/ExpertClick/ -- Proactive innovation and disruption are helping businesses to succeed in the current volatile economic environment, according to The Society for the Advancement of Consulting® (SAC). The best companies are leveraging their culture of innovation and advanced technologies to enhance customer experience. Without it, [...]

The Amazon Effect is Still Going Strong!

The Amazon Effect remains top of mind with CEOs. Whether they compete directly (which is less than 1% with my clients), supply or distribute for Amazon (which is a slightly higher percentage) or are just impacted by the Amazon Effect, it is a major source of concern and/or opportunity.
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Supply Chain Resiliency: Top Requests from Clients on Technology

ERP has become much more of a strategic topic. It isn't about blocking and tackling and using ERP to achieve tactics.  Instead, it is about whether a business has the technology and systems to scale in a scalable, profitable way. Do your systems support your customers' needs? 

Supply Chain Resiliency: Video Interview on Disruption in Logistics

With an increasing frequency, supply chain partners are pulling together to find solutions to challenges.  Moreover, the strategic use of data is at a premium. Our most successful clients don't wait for these disruptors to crush them.

Amazon, Uber, Netflix and More…..Disruption is Here to Stay!

Explore how companies like Amazon, Uber, and Netflix are driving disruption in supply chains, redefining industry norms.

The Resilient Supply Chain: Are You the Disrupted or the Disruptor?

An insightful comparison of disruptors and disrupted entities in building resilient supply chains in a dynamic environment.

APICS-IE Symposium & Key Take-Aways on GROWTH

Keep innovation and future disruptors top of mind. 

The Amazon Effect is Driving Dramatic Disruption

In looking at the Amazon Effect as a metaphor, manufacturers and distributors must respond to elevated customer expectations, rapid delivery requests, 24/7 service, and much more.

Amazon and Whole Foods

Amazon acquiring Whole Foods reflects strategic foresight into retail evolution, blending online prowess with physical store advantages
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