The Future of Manufacturing Is Bright: Harvey Mudd Takes 1st Place in Global Student Case

Mentorship and practical experience can shape the future leaders of the manufacturing industry
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Students Win Global Case Competition

For three years, Kash Gokli, professor of manufacturing practice and Engineering Clinic director, has advised a team of students competing in the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) student case competition.
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The Right Combination of Technical & Communication Skills ROCKS!

February 18, 2017 I am the Chair of the APICS West Coast student case competition, and we just wrapped up our 2017 event.  We had 104 students from around the world fly into San Diego to compete.  It was a really impressive group of students!     The [...]

The Power of Students

October 7, 2016 Last week, while attending APICS 2016 in Washington DC, I was able to spend time with the West Coast student case competition's winning team, San Diego State University.  I am the Chair of the West Coast student case competition, and I was proud to see our [...]

How Preparation Matters

February 24, 2016 Last weekend, the APICS Southwest district held its 10th annual student case competition. We had 25 teams and 108 students from 3 countries with another 11 teams on the wait list (including another country). We had about 50% undergraduate and 50% graduate level students who competed [...]

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