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Flexport: Supply Chain Career Advice From Women Who Paved the Way

Supply Chain Expert Series featuring Lisa Anderson - Founder and President, LMA Consulting Group, shares first-hand experiences and advice on how and why other women should consider a career in supply chain and logistics.
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Warner Communications recognized Lisa Anderson as a top 10 woman in supply chain

Lisa Anderson was recognized as a top consultant worldwide and ranked #16 on SAP’s list of Supply Chain Influencers.
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California Manufacturing Technology Consulting: Shifting Gears: Women in Manufacturing

There's vast opportunity for women in manufacturing from all levels, from entry-level through executives and by sector. I work with clients in food and beverage industry, in building and construction products, healthcare, and bioscience. I find that across the board they're looking for talented people who are interested in innovating [...]

Cal Poly Pomona – TOM/EBZ News: Women In Supply Chain

Lisa Anderson featured in the EBZ Newsletter highlighting Women’s History Month. Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expert Lisa Anderson, president of LMA Consulting Group Inc. is an active Board of Directors member of the APICS Inland Empire chapter. She has held several different roles in operations and supply chain. Full [...]

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9 Big Ideas from Women in Supply Chain Leadership

The landscape for supply chain leaders is getting more complex each year – and that’s before taking into account the current global pandemic. We’re facing unprecedented challenges, and there are no easy answers.  Thankfully, despite growing headwinds and current conditions, there is no shortage of industry voices with insights, [...]

Women CEO Panel Takeaways

As an advisory board member of the School of Business and Public Management of the University of LaVerne, I participated with the annual Women CEO Forum. I always am inspired listening to the powerful stories of these CEOs, and the hardships they overcame on their journey to success. Do [...]

Top Women Influencers in ERP That You Did Not Know About

Lisa Anderson is a specialist in ERP management. Her field of work also includes supply chain management, S&OP. Her purpose is the same as other influencers, to help vendors uplifting their business.

Do You Have Enough Female Leaders?

I attended the compelling Renaissance Executive Forums All Member meeting last week in the Inland Empire, and it got me thinking about female leaders. One of the keynote speakers discussed this topic. Who would think it would take me attending an event to think about an obviously appropriate topic? [...]

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