LMA Consulting Group’s Lisa Anderson has been selected Toyota Women in Supply Chain Mentor for The Peter F. Drucker Center.

Lisa Anderson MBA, CSCP, president of LMA Consulting Group, was selected to participate in The Toyota Women in Supply Chain Mentoring Program sponsored by the Toyota Foundation and The Peter F. Drucker Center for Supply Chain & Logistics, Claremont Colleges. Anderson, a sought-after speaker on supply chain, customer service, skills gap, ERP, SIOP, and the Amazon Effect and its impact on business operations of manufacturers and distributors, will mentor a student and help her be ‘economy-ready,’ understanding the people, process, strategy, structure and technology involved in Global Supply Chain Operations.

Anderson is board approved in supply chain strategy, an advisory board member for the Advanced Supply Chain Certification program and was named a top 100 supply chain blogger on SupplyChainOpz. Recognized as the 16th most influential person in supply chain management and sustainability by technology leader SAP’s “Top 46 Resource and Optimizations Influencers (Plus a Few Others),” she retains Pomona College interns to help them gain valuable experience, co-chairs the APICS West Coast Student Case Competition and sponsors student participation in APICS-IE.

“I remember coming out of college and having to do a lot of learning on the job,” explains LMA Consulting President Lisa Anderson. “I’ve been fortunate to have several wonderful mentors who helped me navigate the “real business world” and apply what I learned in school to drive business results. Without a doubt, I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. Thus, I’d like to pass on the same type of knowledge to my mentees.”

“Supply chains have become substantially more complex over the last several years. For example, supply chains have extended (with many more players involved), natural disasters have created customer disruption, security threats are commonplace, and Amazon has driven elevated customer expectations which have created a supply chain skills gap. There has never been a better time for women to rise to the occasion. I find vast talent in young women. With a bit of mentoring, they can thrive, fill critical gaps in organizations and develop rewarding careers in supply chain management.”

Celebrating its 11th year, LMA Consulting Group helps growing companies elevate overall business performance while creating a customer service edge. Through a number of proven proprietary processes, LMA Consulting Group can pinpoint areas for improvement with eagle eye precision and develop the strategies to deliver results. Anderson, also known as The Manufacturing ConnectorSM, is currently working on a book entitled “The Amazon Effect” detailing a business roadmap to thriving in an ultra-competitive marketplace. A regular content contributor in topics including supply chain, ERP and SIOP, she has been interviewed for articles in publications like Industry Week, tED Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. She actively posts educational blogs three times weekly and has two newsletters, Profit through PeopleSM and “I’ve Been Thinking.” For information about Lisa Anderson, go to https://www.lma-consultinggroup.com/ or call 909.630.3943.