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Women CEO Panel Takeaways

As an advisory board member of the School of Business and Public Management of the University of LaVerne, I participated with the annual Women CEO Forum. I always am inspired listening to the powerful stories of these CEOs, and the hardships they overcame on their journey to success. Do [...]

The Resilient Supply Chain: Does Your Environment Support Fear?

In today's Amazonian environment, customers expect rapid delivery (same day/ next day is preferred regardless of industry), 24/7 accessibility, easy returns, innovative collaborations and much more.  Add disruptors popping up all over (such as Uber, Netflix and more), trade war impacts and technology disruptors to entire industries (such as [...]

Successful CEOs/ Presidents & Leadership

August 5, 2016 Our APICS Inland Empire chapter went on a tour of Paulson Manufacturing, and it was simply excellent! It reminded me of how powerful the influence and impact of the CEO is on an organization. Roy Paulson, the President, not only spent considerable time with us talking [...]

The Importance of Innovation

April 27, 2016 I was the Chair of the Manufacturers Council of the Inland Empire (MCIE)'s Innovation awards committee for this year's Manufacturers' Summit.  It was inspiring to hear the stories of manufacturing innovation at today's awards ceremony!   These companies innovated in many different ways ranging from workforce [...]

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Turning Mistakes into “Good”

March 23, 2016 I frequently speak to groups about how we must celebrate mistakes. No one will innovate if they are afraid of being hit over the head if they make a mistake. Unfortunately, it occurs more frequently than imaginable! Yet only those leaders who encourage innovation will thrive [...]

How Creativity Matters

February 29, 2016 This weekend, I went to a "paint your pet" event at the Purple Easel. You'll see my handiwork below of my cat, Smokey. Whether this looks like Smokey is debatable; however, it reminded me of the value of creativity. The teacher encouraged the class to use [...]

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What We Can Learn from Jack Welch

Successful companies put people ahead of strategy, process, and systems. While attending APICS 2015, I heard Jack Welch, former GE CEO and best-selling business author, speak about the value of people. My ears perked up as I have found that the best processes and systems will fail miserably without [...]

Pioneer of Supply Chain Employment

Bold ideas in employment may be counterintuitive but you have to be willing to fail to win big. I recently attended the Southern California Logistics & Supply Chain Summit hosted by the Center for Supply Chain & Logistics of the Drucker School of Management and the Inland Empire Economic [...]

Lessons Learned from Failure

Why do failures generate so much interest? Perhaps as students, we had it pounded into our heads that mistakes are bad - avoid failure at all costs. What can we learn from failure? First, failure isn't fatal - not only is failure not fatal but it also is critical [...]

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