Lisa is the President of LMA Consulting Group and President of APICS Inland Empire Chapter, specializing in the supply chain, ERP and S&OP to help manufacturers and distributors elevate business performance. SAP ranked Lisa as a Top 46 Supply Chain Influencer, and Washington Frank recognized her as a Top 50 ERP Influencer. Lisa has spoken at conferences such as the Global Supply Chain & Logistics Summit, the APICS International Conference, and the Drucker Supply Chain Forum.


It is not possible for everyone to be Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski. But being an influencer in digital marketing is common these days. There are stereotypes that women cannot rule the tech world. And it is being deconstructed now. Because built-in assumptions in most cases make things complicated.

Moreover, skills have nothing to do with gender. To prove that again we are here with a list of women influencers in ERP solutions. The influencers can be female tech bloggers, researchers or in any way working on ERP. This should not be a different category as “Women ERP Influencers“. But to break stereotypes we need collective data that can encourage others to join the field.

What is ERP and its importance

Full form of ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning. When you apply an ERP solution to your business, the system collects and analyzes every data of your regular movements. The analysis further helps in setting up the business strategy. ERP software reduces system loss to an amazing extent. This is why researches on ERP is a common phenomenon these days.

ERP is applied in enterprises too but especially in case of startups strategists suggest going for this system. If you are curious, then you can go through the importance of ERP for small & medium-sized businesses and learn about the importance of ERP in details.

Here we are with a list of ladies that you did not know were ERP influencers.

Lisa Anderson

She is a specialist in ERP management. Her field of work also includes supply chain management, S&OP. Her purpose is the same as other influencers, to help vendors uplifting their business.

Currently, she is the president of LMA Consulting Group and APICS Inland Empire Chapter. She is listed as one of top 50 ERP influencers. For her works in the supply chain, she is recognized as a  top influencer there too.


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Published in ERP Solutions Review on June 25, 2019