In the world of manufacturing, change is the only constant. How are small and medium-sized manufacturers, SMMs, to keep up with new technologies, regulations, and other important shifts let alone leverage them to become leaders in their industries? Shifting Gears, a podcast from CMTC, highlights leaders from the modern world of manufacturing from SMMs to consultants to industry experts. Each quarter we go deep into topics pertinent to both operating a manufacturing firm and the industry as a whole. Join us to hear about manufacturing sectors’ latest trends, groundbreaking technologies, and expert insights to help SMMs in California set themselves apart in this exciting modern world of innovation and change. In this episode Gregg Profozich, Director of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies at CMTC, is joined by Natalia Sephton, President, and CEO of M&R Engineering; Sarah Myers, Founder and CEO of HMP Hemp Made Products; and Lisa Anderson, Founder and President of LMA Consulting Group Inc. Natalia, Sarah, and Lisa discuss their experiences as women in manufacturing — how they started out, their professional accomplishments, and the current state of opportunities for women in the industry. The group closes with advice for the next generation of women leaders and their predictions on where they see the manufacturing industry in the next 5 to 10 years.

Supply Chain Expert Lisa Anderson, president of LMA Consulting Group Inc. comments:

“There’s vast opportunity for women in manufacturing from all levels, from entry-level through executives and by sector. I work with clients in food and beverage industry, in building and construction products, healthcare, and bioscience. I find that across the board they’re looking for talented people who are interested in innovating, utilizing additional technology, and who are looking at how to increase the customer experience, profitability, cash flow, and how to put all these pieces together”.


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