Lisa Anderson was recognized as a top consultant worldwide and ranked #16 on SAP’s list of Supply Chain Influencers.

Vital to global industry, the world’s supply chain affects us all. The COVID-19 pandemic’s effect brought it even further into the limelight, not to mention impacted our daily lives. From sourcing new materials, to increasing supplier bases, business has had to undergo major restructuring and adaptation in order to redefine supply chain resilience.

Navigating these whipsaw changes, staying on top of the latest research, best practices, technologies and more has proven to be a significant challenge for organizations. Fortunately, great strides have been made over the last few years in advancing radical new supply chain innovations, ethical supply chain practices, and more.

In honor of International Women’s Month we’re highlighting 10 top women in supply chain – smart women leaders are helping businesses position themselves for greater resiliency and productivity in a future where “business as usual” is a fond memory. They’re making a difference and paving the way for future generations. (The below are appear in no particular order.)

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