Vendor managed inventory

Let’s Manage Inventory for Our Customers

Amazon is propelling this age-old topic into a new realm. Since the CEO of the Ontario Airport Authority used the phrase “last mile” has become “last minute” on a panel I facilitated last year, I have shamelessly reapplied his brillant quote. If customers don’t even know what they want, [...]

VMI – What are the Benefits?

Vendor Managed Inventory is gaining in popularity as people realize the many benefits of supply chain collaboration. Vendor managed inventory can have many benefits - both from a strategic perspective and a tactical one. We are seeing that it is gaining in popularity as manufacturers and distributors and retail [...]

VMI – Do You Need Software?

A Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) initiative will improve services levels and may not require supporting software.Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) - do you need software? Of course, the answer is "It depends". A few items to think about to determine if you need software to support a VMI initiative: Are [...]

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The L.A. Times & Automation

April 10, 2017 I toured the Los Angeles Times last week and was impressed with the automation.  Although newspapers seems like an old business, it was impressive in pure size and volume with minimal people.  The business sprawls 2400 acres and is run with 200 people.  There were robots [...]

Is Your Supply Chain Ready for Growth?

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) offers companies a chance to partner with customers to better manage inventory and costs. Once the partnership proves fruitful, expanded business opportunities occur.I recently participated as a panelist with Michael DeCata, CEO of Lawson Products, for Industrial Distribution magazine's VMI (vendor managed inventory) webinar. Although [...]

4 Keys to VMI Success

The keys to vendor managed inventory (VMI) success.Before talking about the keys to achieving VMI (vendor managed inventory) success, the question is: what is VMI? VMI is a process where the supplier places purchase orders for their customers to agreed-upon metrics. Why VMI? I'm a supply chain and operations [...]

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