Material Planning Best Practices to Proactively Manage Cost & Service

Since the pandemic, it has been a constant battle to ensure material availability, let alone to proactively manage cost and service. Even the most proactive and successful clients have experienced brief shortages of key materials and extended lead-times. The rest have been plagued with these issues.

Do You Have Suppliers or Partners?

Partners are always prioritized over transactional suppliers during times of allocation and disruption. Supply chain disruptions were up 88% in 2021, according to Resilinc, a leading supply chain risk monitoring and mapping solution. Lifesciences and healthcare were two of the industries most impacted by these record-breaking supply shortages. Companies [...]

LMA Advocate 2020: Shannon Reininger – Tips for Success

In 2015, we kicked off the LMA Advocate awards to recognize those people who have been instrumental to our growth and success.  We started with 10 people to celebrate the 10 years since we started the business, and we now add one each year. Although I’ve learned plenty along the [...]

The Resilient Supply Chain: Do You Have Vendors or Partners?

“Do you view your suppliers as vendors or partners?” asks Supply Chain Expert and Consultant, Lisa Anderson, MBA, CSCP, CLTD President of LMA Consulting Group.
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The Resilient Supply Chain: Vendors or Partners?

Do you view your suppliers as vendors or partners?  And who are you hiring to manage these relationships? 

The Resilient Supply Chain: Does Supplier Negotiation Work?

Insights into the role of supplier negotiation in strengthening supply chain resilience and business partnerships.

DIY Competitive Intelligence Can Augment Expert Help

Published in Thomas NetNews on Oct. 1, 2014 Lisa Anderson, president of Claremont, Calif.-based LMA Consulting Group Inc., which helps businesses achieve supply chain excellence and improve service levels, says industry trade associations are good places to start competitive intelligence projects, as they have trade data and insights into [...]

How Manufacturers Can Preserve the Supply Chain After a Disaster

Published in ThomasNet News on Oct. 1, 2013 As part of a disaster plan, manufacturers should set up transportation agreements with at least two carriers, and use each on a regular basis, said Supply Chain Expert and Consultant, Lisa Anderson, MBA, CSCP, CLTD President of LMA Consulting Group. Click [...]

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What Manufacturers Need to Do About Data Recovery After a Disaster

Published in ThomasNet News on Sept. 17, 2013 Consultant Lisa Anderson of LMA Consulting Group in Claremont, Calif., urged manufacturers to make sure that nightly backups are completed. “Having a second location to store or perform the nightly backup is preferred,” she added. “For example, if you have facilities [...]

Lessons learned from my Procurement Mentor: Negotiations Success

My procurement mentor exemplifies "profit through people" and can achieve more on a golf course in 2 hours than an entire team of Harvard MBA's could achieve in a year. He took all the complex terminology, confusing pricing indicators, economic trends and world events and turned it into a [...]

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