CLAREMONT, CALIFORNIA – June 29, 2023 –  Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expert Lisa Anderson, MBA, CSCP, CLTD, known as the Strongest Link in Your Supply Chain® and President of LMA Consulting Group Inc.,  predicts that the next few years will separate the market leaders from all others. LMA Consulting Group works with manufacturers and distributors on strategy and end-to-end supply chain transformation to maximize the customer experience and enable profitable, scalable, dramatic business growth.

“The world is interconnected. The U.S. is dependent on China for healthcare products and pharmaceutical ingredients. The world is dependent on Taiwan for chips. Europe is dependent on Russia and Ukraine for natural gas. Africa is dependent on Russia and Ukraine for food. And much of the Western world is dependent on the U.S. for military support. And all of it centers on supply chains,” commented Ms Anderson.

Upstream, supply chains rely on suppliers and their suppliers. While demand planning and data management address internal needs, warehousing, transportation and customer expectations affect the business downstream.  It all culminates in managing resiliency, customer demand and taking risks for growth. “Many outside factors impact business decisions. Inflation impacts profitability. Interest rates and credit availability drive investment decisions. Fears of recession drive cost reduction strategies. Demographics impact the talent pool. And yet, staying ahead of the competition AND the customer will drive success. Technology, talent and taking risk is what stands between success and mediocrity. There are seven actions every company should take to capitalize on today’s opportunities,” she continued.

  • Mitigate Key Risks
  • Continually Improve the Customer Experience
  • Leverage Technology
  • Create a Culture of Innovation
  • Manage Pricing and Costs Proactively
  • Take the Opportunity to Invest
  • Use a SIOP (Sales Inventory Operations Planning) Process to Ensure Resiliency

Ms. Anderson recently published The Road Ahead: Business, Supply Chain & The World Order, a special report that features actions successful companies are taking to be successful in 2023 and beyond. She has also released: SIOP (Sales Inventory Operations Planning): Creating Predictable Revenue and EBITDA Growth to help organizations implement a proven process. Download it: LMA website,  Amazon and Apple.

About LMA Consulting Group – Lisa Anderson, MBA, CSCP, CLTD

Lisa Anderson is the founder and president of LMA Consulting Group, Inc., specializing in manufacturing strategy and end-to-end supply chain transformation. She focuses on maximizing the customer experience and enabling profitable, scalable, dramatic business growth. Ms. Anderson is a recognized Supply Chain thought leader by SelectHub, named a Top 40 B2B Tech Influencer by arketi group, a Top 16 ERP Expert to Follow by Washington-Frank, in the Top 10 Women in Supply Chain by Warner PR, in the top 55 Supply Chain & Logistics Experts by flexport, and a woman leader in Supply Chain by RateLinx. She has been interviewed by Fox News, published the special report: Thriving in 2022: Learning from Supply Chain Chaos – Insights from 22 Trusted Advisors and the eBook, Future-Proofing Manufacturing & the Supply Chain Post COVID-19, Her primer, I’ve Been Thinking, provides strategies for creating bold customer promises and profits. An expert on the SIOP process (Sales, Inventory Operations Planning), advancing innovation, and making the supply chain resilient, Ms. Anderson is regularly interviewed and quoted by publications such as Industry Week, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal. For information, sign up for her Profit Through People® Newsletter or for a copy of her book, visit                 


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