The Value of Diversity

Diversity has always been core to success. Are you gaining different viewpoints? It has certainly been proven that deliberately bringing diverse viewpoints into projects and teams will lead to greater levels of success. Men will have different perspectives than women. People with different nationalities and backgrounds will bring different [...]

The Value of Collaborating with Strange Bedfellows

There can be significant value and strategic advantage created in collaborating with unlikely partners if there are clear objectives, trust and an open mind.

Global Consultants & The Value of Diversity

November 27, 2018 When I was in Australia last week for a meeting with my global consulting strategy group, it hit home that there is power in diversity.  We represent 4 countries (Australia, Japan, U.S. and Canada), a diverse group of company types (from tiny to Fortune 100 businesses [...]

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Holiday Parties and Diversity

December 9, 2017 I participated with several holiday parties recently - and have a few more planned.  That is a nice benefit of leading and participating in so many groups.  The pictures below are from my APICS Inland Empire chapter holiday mixer and member appreciation event.  Thanks to Susan [...]

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The Value of Strategy Discussions in Fiji

November 11, 2017 I just wrapped up strategy discussions with my global, growth-focused group (of top-notch consultants) in Fiji.  Since we are a group spanning multiple countries from the U.S. to Australia and Japan, we meet in interesting locations throughout the Pacific Rim and western North America.  Interestingly, we [...]

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Keys to Delegation Success for Projects

With today’s high customer expectations for quick service, 24/7 accessibility and expanded services supply chain managers are increasingly overloaded. Delegation is key to meeting demands and working efficiently. Published in "Project Times" website, March 1, 2016 Click here for original article. In today's Amazon-impacted world, customers have higher expectations [...]

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Why ERP Success Has Little to Do with Systems

ERP success depends on the quality and understanding of the people involved, from suppliers to team members. After partnering with dozens of clients to help them select the “right” system that best fits their business requirements and partnering with many more to design the “right” processes in conjunction with [...]

Collaborate for Project Success

Create fresh business ideas for your project by collaborating with diverse groups in your offices and along the supply chain. Published in "Project Times" website, April 6, 2015 Click here for original article. Collaboration has come into vogue. In my experience working with clients ranging in size from $4 [...]

What will Motivate Your Team?

A motivated team can overcome some of the biggest business challenges a company can face.presentation in meeting room. According to my Skills Gap research, executive recruiters and HR experts, it is more challenging now than it has been in quite a long time to find and retain top talent.  [...]

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