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Retaining Project Management Top Talent

It takes valuable time and effort to replace talented managers. Instead, invest more attention, feedback and support on your top performers.Published in "Project Times" website, March 10, 2015 Click here for original article. As the recovery takes hold and businesses become more comfortable investing money, top project managers have [...]

Do Not Ignore Your Stars

Identify and focus on how to nurture your higher performing employees to net a better return on your human capital investment. Since the beginning of 2014, the job market has been robust and employers are struggling to find high-skilled, qualified candidates for key positions. I've talked frequently about this [...]

The Skills Gap is Alive and Well in California

Job openings are still on the rise in California but for supply chain so is the skills gap, which is a hiring headache that then shifts the attention on employee retention.California was responsible for 1/3 of all new jobs added in August in the nation!  I see this on [...]

Motivate Employees as One Critical Way to Retain Top Performers

Keeping employees engaged and motivated can be your single greatest competitive advantage.A motivated employee can move mountains. A disgruntled employee creates havoc. Which do you have? As results are critical to success, I thought it was worth pursuing how to motivate employees; however, as important as results are, retaining [...]

Is Talent Important to You?

Do you know how to attract and retain the best employees? I have always believed that people are #1 to success. Without people, there is no business. I hear executives use these words; however, later they talk about people as costs. Which message do you think is taken away? [...]

How to Effectively Engage Employees and Achieve Results

Great leaders know how to engage and empower employees to thrive in the new normal business economy. In my recent conversations with clients and business contacts, a common concern has emerged: How to leverage the recovery to grow the business and increase profitability. There is considerable uncertainty surrounding how [...]

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