Without people, no business will thrive. That’s why even the most technical of companies such as Google value people.  In our experience, people are the #1 asset of any organization. Hands down, we can help any organization with good people quicker and to a FAR larger degree than an organization with fewer good people.   

In thinking about what’s ahead for people, there are many transitions and trends to be aware of:

  1. Baby boomers  – As baby boomers retire, they will be harder to replace than appears at first glance. No, typically speaking, they aren’t up-to-speed on the latest technology and they might have old fashioned ideas but they know “what works”. Don’t be too quick to hurry the process along. Instead, value their knowledge and find a way to transition it for a win-win.
  2. The skills gap – It is hard not to have a skills gap when technologies change daily, jobs are being automated yet new jobs are being created with entirely new skill requirements, the world is becoming more complex and global and customers expect more for less. Are you prioritizing the retention of your top talent? Is your company attractive to top talent?
  3. Diversity– We are not believers in mandates and regulations but we have found diversity to propel success. Are you actively attracting people who do NOT think like you? That’s a tough one (after all, don’t we all prefer people who agree with us?), but it is important if you want your team and organization to thrive. 
  4. Spark an innovative culture – With the high demands of customers, Board members and the like, solid leadership is no longer enough. Sparking innovation has become a “must” for success. 
  5. Go back to the basics with leadership– There is no coincidence that every successful client has a strong leader whereas long-term struggling clients and contacts (as struggling leaders rarely hire consultants) have weak leaders. Being a strong leader is “hard work” and requires courage. What are you doing to build your leadership bench strength?

The core tenets of successful people do not change. The requirements and challenges we face continue to expand yet the route to success is clear. We choose to see this fact with hope as it does not require rocket science to become a good leader, and we’ve seen plenty of examples of mediocre leaders transform into exceptional leaders with mentoring, coaching and experience.