Have You Checked in with Your Customers?
Although we are starting to see a few more trips and meetings, most clients are staying put. How are you checking in on your customers? Hopefully we haven’t forgotten how to use the phone. Although Zoom meetings can be quite effective, with Zoom fatigue ramping up, checking in using the phone can be a great option. When did you last pick up the phone to see how you can help a customer?

Have You Checked in with Suppliers?
Similar in importance to checking on customers, you should be frequently checking in on suppliers. Do you know how things are going with your products on a consistent basis? Do they know you are interested and on top of the situation? How about simply offering to help?

Have You Checked in with Your Employees & Colleagues?
You might be quite overwhelmed trying to get in touch with customers and suppliers, leaving no time to talk with colleagues. Make the time. Your colleagues need attention. The pandemic is wearing on people. Find out how you can help. For example, several clients have mentioned the multitude of distractions at home if they have young children. Is there anything you can do to accommodate a different schedule or working environment to better support your employees morale and effectiveness?

Have You Checked in with Your Trusted Advisors?
No one has all the answers. Don’t try to carry the full burden. Pick up the phone to get in front of your situation.

The Bottom Line: Staying in touch should always be a priority. It should be a critical priority during times of turbulence and change.


Lisa Anderson