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How Organization Can Be Your Secret to Success

Being disorganized at work will lead to lost opportunities. Get organized to be able to act on the right item or information at a moment’s notice. I’ve always been organized. My mom said that my 5th grade teacher who also owned a business and was in politics said I [...]

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The Value of Thinking about the Value of Calendars & Schedules

November 9, 2015 Since I was largely away for a few weeks during my dad's stroke, hospice stay and funeral, I moved all non-essential meetings during that time frame. Now that I am "back", I have been trying to reschedule the meetings, follow-up on the ones I never planned [...]

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What You Can Learn from an Organizing Guru

Being organized doesn’t necessarily mean having a neat and tidy desk. In terms of supply chain management it means categorizing your tasks to easily determine their order of importance in the larger scheme of things. My 5th grade teacher (who was also involved in politics) told my Mom that [...]

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The Art of Prioritization

Prioritizing is a unique skill of eagle eye strategists. Since I'd place bets that we all have far more to do than is remotely achievable, I strongly believe our success is dependent on our ability to prioritize. Choosing the "right" items to focus on makes the difference between success [...]

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Organization Essential to Strategic Focus

Bring order to chaos – organize and redefine your priorities. Organization is one of the key tenets required to be successful with an eagle eye strategic focus so that you can rapidly assess strategic priorities. I’ve yet to run across an organization with just the right amount of priorities [...]

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Project Management Software – NOT Critical to Success

Published in "Project Times" website, November, 2009 Click here for original article. Eliminate the excuses! There's NO investment required to achieve the 80/20 of project management success.  As businesses are struggling in the recession or reluctant to spend as they slowly emerge from the recessionary climate, it seems timely [...]

Why Organization Can Make or Break Your Project

Published in "Project Times" website, August, 2012 Click here for original article. While working closely on multiple client projects lately, I noticed that organization (being organized) can make or break a project.  I also find that it is an underutilized and underappreciated skill. So if your organization has this [...]

Top Strategies to Ensure Success in the New Year

As we start the New Year, I thought it was worthwhile to discuss critical yet often overlooked blocking and tackling maneuvers that ensure success. As most are debating New Year's resolutions and how to reengage after the holidays, why not get a leg up on the competition by excelling [...]

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