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Demand Planning

Demand Planning

Every client believes their demand cannot be predicted. After all, customers don’t know what is going on in their end-to-end supply chain with the global supply chain chaos. Sales teams are optimistic and either forecast too much, hoping Operations will produce and store “just in case” or provide high level dollar forecasts but have no idea which geography it will be sold from or which product grouping will be sold. Marketing might be lost in the clouds analyzing “old” information since the markets are changing real-time and rapidly. New Product Development is racing to keep up with evolving demands. So, how can we predict the unpredictable?

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How Do You Benefit from Demand Planning & Sales Forecasting?

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Preparing for Demand Shocks

There is such a wide range of shocks that can happen to your supply chain and to the demand for what you’re making. Can you ever truly prepare? What kinds of projections are most useful, and how can you set yourself up for success if you do have the ability to anticipate a surge in demand?

Analysis of Baltimore Bridge collapse's impact on shipping routes and community, spotlighting economic challenges

How to Avoid Supply Chain Disasters: Inc. From the Ground Up

Lisa Anderson, a supply chain expert and consultant who founded LMA Consulting Group, says projecting future demand is paramount when facing a demand surge.

Chart demonstrating how optimized demand plans can bolster sales strategy success and revenue growth

What is Your Demand Plan? Sales Strategies for Success

Sales strategies and customer programs are pivotal to developing a demand plan in support of sales revenue growth goals. SIOP (Sales Inventory Operations Planning) will translate these sales forecasts into operations and supply plans for review with cross-functional teams to ensure the sales plans are fulfilled successfully and efficiently.

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