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Inventory Management & Control

As executives continue to navigate these volatile economic conditions, the focus on inventory management increases. It is especially tough to determine what to do if you don’t know if sales opportunities will dramatically increase as the competition falters and consumers drive demand or if sales will tank as recession fears increase and business optimism falters. Worse yet, even if you can get ahead of the most likely scenarios and build resiliency into your processes, supply chain disruptions continue to abound. Thus, the best and proactive are increasing the focus on inventory management and are prioritizing strategic decisions related to inventory. Likewise, the worst are also prioritizing inventory because they are panicked over cash flow. As you can imagine, inventory expertise is in high demand!

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Essential inventory accuracy - foundation for operational efficiency, customer service, and growth. Learn more

Why Is Inventory Accuracy Foundational to Success?

Inventory accuracy is foundational to success. Most clients aren’t concerned about inventory, and they shouldn’t be if they can count on what their system says.

Interlinks Podcast - Unlocking Success: Getting Back to Basics

Getting Back to Basics to Succeed in Supply Chain

In this episode of Interlinks, I am joined again by my colleagues from the supply chain special interest group of the Society for the Advancement of Consulting to discuss the issue of how and why so many businesses are overlooking the fundamentals of business as we emerge from a period of turbulence characterized by pandemic war and supply chain realignments into an uncertain future.

Inventory management basics for success during volatility - LMA Consulting Group provides essential strategies for effective inventory management

Inventory Management: Go Back to the Basics for Success During Today’s Volatility

Volatility is the New Norm If there is one thing that is certain in today’s world, it is that volatility and change are the new normal. VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) is top of mind for every client. For example, clients ask the following questions: What will happen next? […]

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