I’ve found that successful ERP implementation project leaders are unsung heroes as few executives could or should understand the 1000’s of moving parts & critical elements to achieving success. What are a few of these key elements?

  1. Start with a goal – What are you expecting your system to do? Hopefully not jumping jacks through rings of fire – outrageous? No. Because of the # of moving parts, it is a challenge to grasp; thus, it is incumbent on us to boil it down and gain clarity.
  2. Develop a roadmap – No point jumping into training and debates on how to set up key functionality if you haven’t developed a roadmap. How will you get from here to there? How will your processes change? What are the impacts?
  3. Think design – Design is a critical element when it comes to integrating the process and system into a sustainable solution going forward. Ask design experts for help as it requires someone who sees connections and down-the-line impacts most don’t.
  4. Focus on critical requirements – The critical requirements which have the most impact on your business from a systems perspective (what’s unique to your industry or business from a systems perspective or something which is a competitive differentiator) should gain the majority of your focus.
  5. Celebrate Your Project management Gurus – The rest is a continual planning, assessment, re-design, metric tracking and follow-up on the critical path timeline. Organization, follow-up, leadership skills are a must. Appreciate that these unsung qualities will make or break your success.