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Have You Heard Horror Stories about ERP?

All businesses will go through ERP upgrades at least once or twice every 10-20 years (if done well, more if not).  Why not pay attention to how to make one of the most significant investments pay off?

Avoiding Top Project Pitfalls

Project roadblocks will happen. Chart a course that allocates your attention and resources on the most critical projects. Published in "Project Times" website, November 18, 2014 Click here for original article. Project results drive business performance! In my experience in working with countless companies ranging from small to multi-billion [...]

Common Pitfalls to ERP Project Success

Published in "Project Times" website, February, 2010 Click here for original article. As we are beginning to emerge from the recession, I've noticed that there has been an uptick in interest for ERP implementations. Of course, we are nowhere near the interest levels of pre-2000; however, businesses are beginning [...]

How Can We Avoid Project Disasters?

Published in "Project Times" website, July, 2012 Click here for original article. Although I consult with clients globally on how to improve operational performance, I find the 80/20 of achieving bottom line business results traces back to a series of successful project/ program rollouts.  Thus, it is paramount I [...]

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