If it isn’t already, your end-to-end supply chain must be part of your strategy discussions. I was recently featured at SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW Coverage global conference on supply chain since it is such a timely topic.  Interest has been heightened as supply chain challenges intensify throughout the world. 

Minimally, we should be thinking about the following topics:

  • Customers: Certainly, it is extremely clear by now whether you have a diversified customer base serving multiple markets or not. No matter your situation, consider what is likely to occur in the months and years ahead (as it will NOT stay the same), and get in front of it. Revise your strategy to build the customer base you want in the future.
  • Suppliers: Although you might have seen supply chain issues arise with COVID-19, it is also likely that they are still lurking around the corner. Do you know your suppliers’ financial position? Are they one disruption away from closing the doors? For example, Wuhan has additional delays due to floods. Will that put your supplier(s) over the edge?
  • Internal Operations: How are you doing managing the disruption and remaining efficient enough to remain profitable? Are you building your agility and resilience? How do you want your future to look? Are you utilizing a Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning process (SIOP) to ensure you navigate successfully?
  • Technology: Is your technology roadmap sufficient to support your new reality and your future? I also interviewed an executive at Carrier at SAPPHIRE NOW as it relates to their supply chain and cloud ERP. 

You cannot delay while you navigate the current disruption. Get on top of your strategy, where you need to go and what you should be doing NOW to support the successful transformation of your business. I discussed these topics widely in my eBook about future proofing your manufacturing operations and extended supply chain. If you’d like to take a fresh look at your situation to devise a successful roadmap, please contact us.