Lisa Anderson joined Bloomberg’s Markets The Close to talk about Boeing. The aerospace industry experienced significant shortages and delays following the pandemic, and finally smoothed out the supply chain issues as of December 2023. Companies were preparing for Boeing’s ramp up plans to support 5-10% growth through 2026 and have been building inventory. Unfortunately, as Boeing quality issues arose, it sent shock waves through the extended supply chain. The FAA has cut back aircraft production to 38 per month, and Boeing has cut back further in their focus on quality. Thus, the supply chain has inventory and is trying to determine how to respond to the misalignment of demand and supply while Boeing’s customers are not receiving what they ordered. We talk through the supply chain implications, and how this extends to the full supply chain as the Baltimore bridge collapse is the most recent event to shake up the already fragile supply chain following the Suez Canal and Panama Canal disruptions.

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