Lisa partnered with us to achieve close to double the inventory turns.
K Means, CFO, Coast Plating
Lisa has the ability to think several steps ahead on a project.
Mike Zundel, President, Castle Metals Aerospace
Lisa worked across organizational lines to bring people together and significant projects to fruition.
Jim Cenname, President, US Aluminum
Lisa's patience in grappling with deep-seated systemic and cultural issues was invaluable.
Kelly Ford, COO, Esterline Mason
Lisa has a unique combination of big-picture perspective and hands-on ability to implement change.
Sheila, Peyraud, WW GM Aerospace & Defense, Donaldson

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Case Study
On Time Delivery Improvement
Esterline Control Systems Mason - Dramatically Improved on-time delivery by resolving the critical bottleneck's on-time performance by 80%

ERP Turnaround
Donaldson Valencia - Transformed from ERP chaos to inventory accuracy in the high 90%'s & a fully integrated system & process

Freed Up Cash
Transtar Metals - Increased Inventory Turns by 30% and Maintained Service Levels

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Client Results

Developed operational strategies and provided change management guidance to transform from a system of manual work-a-rounds to the implementation of Oracle Applications and ASCP at Donaldson Valencia.

– Donaldson Company, Inc.

Partnered with the executives at Esterline Control Systems Mason to implement master scheduling, customer partnership programs and S&OP to gain significant benefits in service levels and operational efficiencies.

– Esterline Control Systems Mason

Partnered with Esterline Control Systems Mason’s management team to implement scheduling processes and operational improvements to realize an 80% improvement in on-time percentages from the shop.

– Esterline Control Systems Mason

Successfully implemented an inventory management process and system at Coast Plating Inc. for their critical product line, increasing profitability and tightening financial controls.

– Coast Plating, Inc.

Partnered with executives at US Aluminum to reduce lead times by over 60% while reducing inventory by over 20%.

– US Aluminum

Developed an analysis and recommendations to optimize US Aluminum’s supply chain network to increase service levels while reducing cost and leveraging already-existing key system functionality.

– US Aluminum

Provided documentation, analysis and recommendations for International Aluminum Corp on integrating Friedman’s cost system functionality with its business processes to support enhanced management decision-making while reducing cost roll errors by 20% and part numbers by 20 million.

– International Aluminum

Partnered with executives at Eliminator LLC to launch their business and worked on activities ranging from developing a supply chain network strategy to modeling financial returns.

– Eliminator LLC

Implemented an inventory system and processes to support increased inventory control and profitability.

– Coast Plating

Partnered with Esterline Mason to implement supply chain improvements to increase service levels by 65% within 75 days.

– Esterline Mason

Partnered with executives to increase inventory turns/reduce inventory levels by 30% on the targeted product lines which expanded company liquidity while maintaining customer service levels.

– Transtar Metals

Improved operational and supply chain efficiencies by documenting and redesigning business processes in collaboration with Transtar Metals’ business process owners in North America and Europe

– Transtar Metals

Provided documentation, analysis and recommendations on integrating Oracle Applications, Demantra and ASCP (Advanced Supply Chain Planning) with key business processes

– Castle Metals Aerospace

Worked on a client project (Chocolates a la Carte) to evaluate business processes, document with process maps and provide recommendations for improvement.

– BMS Associates

Worked to deliver a successful implementation of an ERP system for their client – delivered on time and under budget with seamless service to customers.

– Business Intelligence Designs

Achieved cash flow sustainability with EBITDA improvement of $9 million during a period of declining sales as part of the executive team at PaperPak.

– Paper-Pak Products, Inc.

Reduced inventories by over 60% or $11 million, while improving fill rates by 35-40% and reducing operational lead times in half

– Paper-Pak Products, Inc.

Received supplier of the year from #1 customer three separate years with the implementation of vendor managed inventory (VMI) and supply chain programs while VP of Operations at PaperPak

– Paper-Pak Products, Inc.

Reduced total freight costs in half to a key customer while improving service by developing a logistics partnership while VP of Operations at PaperPak.

– Paper-Pak Products, Inc.

Developed and facilitated the implementation of a shared services transition plan and a branch operations integration plan to support the company sale and subsequent integration of the businesses.

– Castle Metals Aerospace

Successfully transitioned the culture of branch operations at Transtar Metals to one focused on process discipline and metric tracking in preparation for a new system implementation.

– Transtar Metals

Collaborated with Eureka Aerospace executives to develop a business plan and strategy to gain investor interest to finance and grow their business.

– Eureka Aerospace

Worked with executives of PPI to transition and start up the supply chain functions for their new spin-off company with seamless customer service and operational effectiveness.


Worked with ATNV Apparel Group, Inc. to start up their apparel business from a logistics standpoint, coordinating the delivery and short-term warehousing of outsourced manufactured goods from Korea to the U.S.

– ATNV Apparel Group, Inc.

Integrated three separate businesses into one, resulting in the successful consolidation to 1 order, 1 shipment and 1 invoice while integration project manager at Paper-Pak Products, Inc.

– Paper-Pak Products, Inc.

Led the successful integration of two, divergent cultures by teaming people in a way that leveraged strengths and by merging the best of both cultures while VP of Operations at PaperPak.

– Paper-Pak Products, Inc.

Achieved two site turnarounds within 2 years, bringing metrics to a baseline standard (saving over $2M) and maintaining and improving safety, quality, service, appearance and people while VP of Operations at PaperPak.

– Paper-Pak Products, Inc.

As part of the Executive team at PaperPak, completed a turnaround that took the company from near bankruptcy and declining sales to stability, followed by rapid sales growth.

– Paper-Pak Products, Inc.

Passed the first year Sarbanes-Oxley audit with no significant or material exceptions through the documentation of processes, risks, internal controls and GAAP analysis while interim project manager.

– Castle Metals Aerospace

Partnered with executives to review and analyze return on investment, recommend priorities and develop project plans for capital expenditure and other key projects.

– Castle Metals Aerospace

Successfully prepared the operations teams and provided the executives with key potential watch-outs with associated recommendations for the implementation of the Oracle Applications ERP system

– Transtar Metals

Achieved the reduction of inventory reserve requirements through the successful implementation of the first, complete physical inventory and the implementation of cycle counting programs.

– Transtar Metals

Worked with a cross-functional team to evaluate and recommend a business intelligence software solution provider to best support their business data analysis needs.

– Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA)

Led a cross-functional team at PaperPak that redesigned and upgraded the #1 product line on a quick, 1 year turnaround achieving superior product performance and a 5-10% reduction in product costs.

– Paper-Pak Products, Inc.

Led project teams that delivered annual cost savings of $2.5 – $7 million with plans to deliver another $16 million within 2 years as VP of Operations at PaperPak.

– Paper-Pak Products, Inc.

Developed the critical financial and key indicator metrics for executive decision-making while transition project manager at Paper-Pak Products, Inc.

– Paper-Pak Products, Inc.

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