Lisa partnered with us to achieve close to double the inventory turns.
K Means, CFO, Coast Plating
Lisa has the ability to think several steps ahead on a project.
Mike Zundel, President, Castle Metals Aerospace
Lisa worked across organizational lines to bring people together and significant projects to fruition.
Jim Cenname, President, US Aluminum
Lisa's patience in grappling with deep-seated systemic and cultural issues was invaluable.
Kelly Ford, COO, Esterline Mason
Lisa has a unique combination of big-picture perspective and hands-on ability to implement change.
Sheila, Peyraud, WW GM Aerospace & Defense, Donaldson

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Profit Through People
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Case Study
On Time Delivery Improvement
Esterline Control Systems Mason - Dramatically Improved on-time delivery by resolving the critical bottleneck's on-time performance by 80%

ERP Turnaround
Donaldson Valencia - Transformed from ERP chaos to inventory accuracy in the high 90%'s & a fully integrated system & process

Freed Up Cash
Transtar Metals - Increased Inventory Turns by 30% and Maintained Service Levels

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The Amazon Effect: How Higher Customer Service Standards Impact Your Business and What You Can Do to Thrive

LMA Consulting Group conducted a customer satisfaction survey which asked manufacturers and distributors about the impact Amazon and mega-distributors like Amazon are having on customer expectations and their impact on the business. Learn about the results including statistics such as 65% feel customer service gaps vs. Amazon-like offerings and 24/7 accessibility is becoming a must.

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The Skills Gap

LMA Consulting Group partnered with APICS Inland Empire to conduct a skills gap survey which asked hiring managers and human resources professionals about recruiting and employment trends in manufacturing and distribution. Learn about the results including statistics such as 77% of manufacturers and distributors are facing challenges finding skilled workers for new positions and to replace those workers who have left.

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