Harvey Mudd Executive Roundtable



Our goal is to create a community of CEOs and senior leaders where we get together to learn, discuss and debate timely topics for business success.


Designed to assist CEOs and executives grappling with the strategic issues facing a growth company.


This executive roundtable is designed for CEOs and executives who want to discuss issues with their peer group in order to learn which growth strategies are the most effective.


Using a roundtable format, invest two hours to discuss, share ideas and to learn how to bridge the skills gaps in your organization.

A complimentary dinner, including beer and wine, will be served. Join facilitators Kash Gokli, professor at Harvey Mudd and Lisa Anderson, president of LMA Consulting Group as they lead a discussion on innovation in today’s businesses.

Kash Gokli, Professor, Harvey Mudd College, kash_Gokli@hmc.edu, 909-607-8642

Lisa Anderson, President, LMA Consulting Group, landerson@lma-consultinggroup.com,  909-630-3943


Per the requests and feedback of the executive roundtable members, we have addressed these topics to date:

April 2014   Where Growing Companies Fail
August 2014   Innovation
January 2015   Skills Gap
May 2015   Entrepreneurship for new & existing companies
September 2015   Globalization
January 2016   Employee Moral & Empowerment
May 2016   IP/R&D – Catalyst for Growth
September 2016   Growth Through Product Development
January 2017   Continuous Improvement & Cost Reduction Strategies for Growth & Profitability
April 2017   The Art of Building Loyal Customers
September 2017   Competition - Or Are They?
January 2018    Best Practices

Next Roundtable

Competition: Or Are They?

At our upcoming session, we will continue to talk about strategies for profitable growth with our conversation on the competition. If you are interested in attending or want to refer on to your executive colleague, please contact us.